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Bob Roberts
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01.22.05 - I sold my really nice Tales of the Arabian Nights pinball and bought an Attack from Mars.  The TOTAN went to a good hone - PAPA!  The AFM is in good shape - the playfield is in great shape with minimal wear at the Stroke Of Luck hole.  I'll be pulling the playfield at some point and having it repaired and clearcoated, 
11.23.04 - Updated the PCB listing consideribly. 

Boards: I've added seceral new titles including Major Havoc with a Tempest adapter card.  I now have 4 Tempest boards of which only one works.  The others will be going to Elektronforge for repairs.  The Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters came with a broken sound pot. Art from NY came through and sent me a Pit Fighter sound PCB to scavange the pot I needed from (thanks Art!).  Crazy Climber works 100% but has a color/graphics issue that might be from low +5 from the Konami JAMMA cabinet - I will retest once I get my test bench setup in the next few days with an adjustable power supply. 

- Cabinets: My Bubbles upright will be a Multi-Willaims soon.  Clay *finally* sent out the MW PCB kit, so all I really need to do now is to wire up the control panel.

-Misc: I blew up my good WG 19k6100 last weekend.  Dummy me installed a cap kit on my spare WG chassis and pulled the rebuilt deflection board from my good monitor and installed it onto the spare monitor.  Well, seems I forgot to reconnect one of the HV wires and shorted out the HV PCB.  Frantic to see if I did any harm to the deflection PCB, I pulled it and installed it back onto it's home monitor and inadvertantly installed connector P101 worng (off by 1 pin) and toasted out the deflection board.  DOH!  A deluxe cap kit is on order from Bob Roberts and all should be back to normal soon.

09.26.04 - A quickie update.  I've been busy lately and haven't had much time to sit and update the site.  Here's a quick overview of new things:

- Boards: I picked up a bunch of boards in the past month or two...  Black Widow, a spare set of Bubbles boards, Hyper Olympics (which is really Track & Field), A Joust ROM board, Mini Vaders (this is my second - the first one was sold off and ended up being the one that the ROM images were dumped from for MAME a few years back), Pooyan (original Konami this time with Japanese cabinet instruction sheets and manual), Robotron: 2084 (Multi-Williams here I come....), Space Invaders '95 (fairly rare Taito F3 cart), a full set of Stargate boards, Tempest (I made up an adapter so that I can run it in my Space Duel cabinet with a hacked up spare SD control panel), and finally, Tutankham. 

- Cabinets: Space Duel.  It's in "ok" condition.  I got it to convert it to Major Havoc once Archer releases the artwork.

- Parts: Spare Wells Gardner 19k6100.  Sega Virtual Golf control panel (so I can add a trackball to the Konami cabinet for Centipede). 

06.21.04 - An update!  I've added a page that shows my new Konami Windy JAMMA cabinet.  You can find it here or by clicking on the KONAMI WINDY entry from the list on the left. This weekend saw a good deal of little projects get done - here's a recap:

- I added a LV2000 to the WG6100 that's in Gravitar.  I also installed most of the parts of Bob Robert's deluxe cap kit for the 6100.  My high voltage PCB is damaged and I am deciding what to do about it.  Either continue on with the cap kit install or buy one of those new HV PCBs from Arcadeshop.  The 6100 is working as it is, so we'll see. 

- I also installed a new ribbon cable connector that goes from the ROM board to the CPU board in my Sinistar upright.  Talk about a bunch of little tiny solders! 
- A lithium battery was finally installed in the Bubbles upright. I just have to put in a switcher power supply at some point. 

- I created a JAMMA->JAMMA adapter card for Fire Trap to run properly in the Windy cabinet (Fire Trap uses some creative control panel pinouts - compare the pinouts vs. stock JAMMA).  I think Data East did this to facilitate the player 2 controls in a cocktail table. 

- Lastly, I added a Bob Roberts modular JAMMA "plus" kick harness to my Windy cabinet.  This allows me to quickly swap in any of my games that utilize the auxiliary wiring harness. 

 I still have a good many projects to do, so check back on my progress.

04.25.04 - My latest addition to the arcade is a Gravitar upright that I spied on ePay and was able to pickup in Ohio.  The cabinet wasn't quite what I was expecting based upon the pictures that the seller sent and his description.  If the game would have been closer, I probably would have walked away from the transaction, but as it was, I had the cost of gas and the trailer rental fees as well as a 600 mile round trip invested, so I wasn't about to come home empty handed.  The game is still in nice shape and the WG 19k6100 works, so I suppose I should be happy.  This is my second Gravitar.  The first one was a mint condition cabinet game that was intact sans monitor and logic boards.  The cabinet was stripped and sold long ago.  This cabinet will probably become my multi-XY cabinet.  I am on the lookout for some Black Widow and Major Havoc conversion parts to add to this cabinet.

04.25.04 - The new site is now active.  I kinda styled the page after Brian Jones' Classic Arcade pages.  I love his site and the influence can't be denied.  I'll be slowly expanding as time permits.  My games are all in storage since there is no room at our current house for them.  I am hoping that sometime next spring we will be able to move into a larger house, so until that time, I am limited to my small test bench setup in the garage.  Right now, the Tales Of The Arabian Nights page is functional - click on the game logo to the right for pics.  You can also see some of my vids in the background.