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Switching the Sanwa joystick from 8-way to 4-way
Push the 4 black tabs that hold the clear plastic disc in place allowing you to remove the clear platter.
The center disc pushes slightly outward and once exteneded. rotate the center disc until it clicks into the next position.  Don't go overboard or else you'll break the plastic.  Notice the position of the center opening in the above photo. The above photo shows the center disc position for 8-way mode.  There are 2 tabs on the disc to aid in rotating the disc.  These can be seen in the 12 and 6 O'clock position.
Now notice the position of the center opening in this photo and also the 2 tabs.  This is now in 4-way mode.  Notice how the center opening went from horizontal to diagonal.  Simply pop the clear plastic assembly back into the joystick base and you're all set!